Weekly Prayer

Today is Sunday and I watch the world
From the seat of sacred rest I open the
Tiny closed doors in the heart of my utter longings
I lay down.. dirt and sand on my tongue to remember
Nelson Mandella, how he stepped out of prison
Leading the way unable to grudge to lay down to rest
He carried a great burden for humans Father of light
Son of the divine, this week is when we lost you
But the cold that spread over the continent was
Writing on the wall of our future was telling us to cease and desist
Stores began to sell in Black forgetfulness that our trinkets
Kill our home, that our more becomes someone’s less
Jesus was walking on the water of our forgetfulness
This week, calming the storm we created brought on
By a distrust of What created and glues together our Universes
We have carried a heavy burden in the base of our beings
But we are remembering consciousing breaking up as if
Freedom has been birthed by the Truth that all of
Us are offspring of Only One, not left out but left in
And for this my weekly prayer has become a song of praise.

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