my son Scott
new pilot
is flying home
alone today
Peter son # one
carried his daughter
home last night
back from the hospital
om om om
I took this memoir
from the ageing
computer to the page
began pulling its
bony structure
out of the hat that
sat on the head of
all  i know singing
om om om
all this when darkness
is upon this sweet earth
when each year we spend
spend spend trying
to find a way to end the sorrow
that comes up from the deep
yet our ancestors have gone dark with
the companionship of a thousand
candles for hundreds of years
wildly bright on the shortest night
om om om
Showing ourselves
who we really are
how far from home
our fake lives take us
no, as close as our own
skin this home we look
for illuminated by the
very dark, this light
sometimes comes with tears
om om om

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