Roll Jordan Roll


everyone I know is despising cold
the way tomorrow and
yesterday hate today my monkey
mind is getting tired of
riding on my back through the
San Diego fog rolling
in, like Jordan rolls, Jordan,  my
maiden name that River of Israel
returned to me in my recent marriage
to my woman love, two wives make
something America does not like to
write about, so back to the fog
she rolled up to meet me
utter blind beauty
covering the shore and sea
i thought to walk on water
but my hip is sore from
wrestling with the angels
so i stayed on shore and
lost my limp praising Life
in an hour long walk
and a great cup of coffee

Monday Morning Meditation

i pull the newly re-batteried Prius
into a spot in the heart of Pacific Beach
it’s not one of the more pristine spots
in San Diego’s beauty shores
the arch has a locked gate
where tourist cabins sit on
the peer, sheltered from the
filth they and others have created
trash overflows everywhere
i’m here looking, i’ve asked to see
the One Love to look out on
this little world the we inhabit with
Your all-knowing eyes
rain clouds gather over the 
water a testament to my lover’s
prayers to conquer our drought
she knows beyond all doubt who’s
in control and there is
Only One
on the cement walk beside the
sand harsh smell of excrement alerts
me to the homeless guy i greet
his feces-coated hand opens a Bud
he sits in stupored filth far gone and
still i know that there is
Only One
garbage spills from every can
the truck will come but now
the mess just lays undaunted
i take a photo of a discarded valentine
i’m interrupted but by the hand of an indignant white
haired man who  grabs it with disdain
self-righteous a disgusted pharisee,
and still i know that there is
Only One
something tells me the coffee hut
in the strip mall close to home
the owners foreign accent makes me
feel at home, compassion spelled out
in large letters on her mini-fridge 
a love song and deep gratitude exchanged
disguised as latte and a tip because we 
know that there is
Only One
i look out on this world and see you everywhere
i know beyond all doubt that there is
Only One

The Hand

The Hand


House Cleaning

Revised version. There were some bad typo errors from publishing the wrong draft!
i wash the feet
of this house
come stroll 
with me i’ll
take you to
where you can
feel the kisses
of love, here
hands hold
you, love’s arms
around you
my tears 
bathe your weary
holy heart
my unbound  hair
drying your longings.

Oh Martin…A Wish

i wish you were here
i saw you then standing
like a deer in the presence
of the  hunters who were
hiring guns you stood finally
for the thing that would bring
you to death, you called out to
the Wall Street war mongers not
a sound of blame on your tongue
but even the invitation to wholeness
you made, we met with sting and barb
of wasp and power, even those now cry  
with me the song of oh i wish you were here
you started where the white folks in Birmingham
would kill kids who came following you to freedom
the young still hold such hope for truth and love while
the parents hold their strong lies like guns pointing at the
messenger but Martin, we are at those same crossroads again
our children have lost hope in the materialistic horror the father
of lies has created. Our grand children can’t even touch the meager
hustle of their tired parents the bell tolls but not for us who saw and lost you
the stars are singing their symphony for you, Jesus, Gandhi and for those whose
names were never on anyone else’s tongue. you ended with a cry for an equal share of 
the power of abundance.  saying leave off the greed, come home to love you sang, see walk
this way that day you meant to lead us all the way, we’re here again waiting for liberation, your
brothers your sisters, your children and grands standing at the threshold of glory, our song is still we
shall overcome, but God, we wish as always long into this night of our discontent, that you were with us here.

The Only Question: AM I MADE OF GOD?

Yeah though I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me. Psalm 23
Sitting by the bed
Of this shadow
I’m calling out to the
Arms that hold the universe.
Pray she says and
So I sing of
Perfect peace like a river
I sing love lives here.
I rock out with
Fear go back to your
Hell hole, there
Is no room or bed for
Your nothingness in this house of the One.
I gently rub her back
As I sing with sisters and bros
On Youtube, I refuse the screaming
Lungs…she is only light and Godness.
Maybe God comes here in the night
Oh No! She has always been everywhere
But when I sing, I can see the light of her face
Laughing with me at this fear of nothing.



They spend their days and bad nights

Reading from the book of life seeking

Something so drastic the walls of hell

Will fall away leaving love alone in the room


Breathe I chant from the other room

Making poems and writing lines

Breathe I yell into the sunset, breathe

For God’s sake, but not really for hers for yours


Is this swosh in and out over and over

Soundless unless it becomes labored then louder than thunder

Seeking escape, wanting it back, letting it go

Some nights I feel you entering the room sweetening

The air filling the dark lungs with your soft breath.