Monday Morning Meditation

i pull the newly re-batteried Prius
into a spot in the heart of Pacific Beach
it’s not one of the more pristine spots
in San Diego’s beauty shores
the arch has a locked gate
where tourist cabins sit on
the peer, sheltered from the
filth they and others have created
trash overflows everywhere
i’m here looking, i’ve asked to see
the One Love to look out on
this little world the we inhabit with
Your all-knowing eyes
rain clouds gather over the 
water a testament to my lover’s
prayers to conquer our drought
she knows beyond all doubt who’s
in control and there is
Only One
on the cement walk beside the
sand harsh smell of excrement alerts
me to the homeless guy i greet
his feces-coated hand opens a Bud
he sits in stupored filth far gone and
still i know that there is
Only One
garbage spills from every can
the truck will come but now
the mess just lays undaunted
i take a photo of a discarded valentine
i’m interrupted but by the hand of an indignant white
haired man who  grabs it with disdain
self-righteous a disgusted pharisee,
and still i know that there is
Only One
something tells me the coffee hut
in the strip mall close to home
the owners foreign accent makes me
feel at home, compassion spelled out
in large letters on her mini-fridge 
a love song and deep gratitude exchanged
disguised as latte and a tip because we 
know that there is
Only One
i look out on this world and see you everywhere
i know beyond all doubt that there is
Only One

The Hand

The Hand


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