Kindergarten Girl


This is the girl

Who could not stay

Home could not

Deflect their anger

Let it push her out to

The Woods behind

The parsonage


To the trees that

Hold her gently she

Goes to her fairy stump

Lays in their midst circled

In the protection of her tree kin

Tall and powerful and hers


She wonders why she is a person

And not a tree under their wings

She feels God bathing her

In light Motherly and warm


She hears the voice of the

Grandfather pines

Wind whispering they say

Believe, keep moving and tell

Your stories, read everything


And though she’s only in kindergarten, she

Already reads everything and

Knows these evergreens are wise and right

Deep inside herself is the heart

Of everything, and that room she calls peace

In there survival manuals are everywhere

She falls asleep and dreams the fairies that dance

On the stump that is her forest home.


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