Road Trip


San Diego in the rearview

We shadow the border past

Congregations of patrol and prey

Stories of sorrow and desperation spin down

The black-top…changes we hope for traveling way

Below the speed limit singing softly, dancing to flashing lights.


We turn north into Hopi and Navajo territory at the gas

Station the swarm of red mountain colored skin, night black straight hair

Looks like a chant to me speaking of time before the conquest whispering

Messages from the ancestors mixed with my own native blood and Irish freckles

I carry the double curse of alcohol intolerance like a bloody mary in my veins

But my escape from the reservation makes me feel like running back out onto Highway 160


Back window mirrors signs for Kayenta, Shiprock, Black Canyon of the Gunnison

On to Telluride over Lizard Pass where the tears of life gather beside the red road

In ripples of rivers and creeks feeding herds of elk bugling their love of Creator

My heartbeat a drum teaching me to pray The One Prayer of hey girl, who do

You think you are? An Irish, Indian, Lesbian Mother or an exquisite piece of that One.


One thought on “Road Trip

  1. Love your road trip poem. Look forward to your artistic documentation of tour trip. Poems and pictures. Hope you and Micah had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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