Some Things Unburied by the Isla Vista Massacre

I spent several years
Working in the battered women’s movement
From which I was rejected by some of the women
I worked with because I was hired to deal with the men
Who abuse. I think blame is the issue. If I speak of
Our culture as violent to women, someone will want to rape me.

If I say lets deal with the sickness culturally and individually the
Disease that causes fear and rape and murder say nothing
Of the endless lives of desperation that some women lead
Or the fear that I carry of walking alone even in “good”
Neighborhoods especially after dark,
In terms of healing not of blame then I will no
Longer be a sister, not belong to the women
I am so old that I have been through the woman’s
Movement of the sixties and seventies,
I have counseled endless women on how
To survive or get help or heal from being raped as children
Taught men in prison how to survive being raped by their mothers and fathers

My own life has the usual scars of nothing more
Than having been born female into an era and culture
Of male privilege and entitlement and yet I have the
Courage to want to go beyond all blame
To want to find the place of redemption
To slam, destroy and maim the powers that
Create wars, imprisonment of people of color
Especially men I want to forgive, move on recreate
The world so that my grand daughters will
Walk in beauty instead of fear and my
Grandsons will be free from the terror
And sickness of not making it, not measuring up
Not being able to cry or be tender.

We are so wasted by the media that wants
Us to speculate and blame, so distracted
From our power to love this culture right now
Into a place that has no need for war, or guns or rape.
Killing is murder and war is rape just as love requires
Infinite courage and energy in a world that knows only war.

3 thoughts on “Some Things Unburied by the Isla Vista Massacre

  1. Jude once again you transform a difficult theme in poetry … As if this poem unleashes the hidden suffocating pain in the open hoping that we raise above in future and be free … Thank you for this! You have been given a lot and still… Have so much to give to us all! Beijos


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