What A Difference A Day Makes

Miles from the fight of yesterday
I sit quiet, close to my grand boy
Watching some cartoon rabbits
Who only speak gibberish

I say often take me as I am or choose
Another because this is who I am though
I self-examine more often than can be healthy
My conclusion always is that this is a masterpiece
Of created reflection, this body and soul that walk
Around sometimes blowing up everything in sight
Then begging forgiveness other times
Loving so tenderly I make Love cry.

Changing is divine when everything is wrong
Remaining whole is divine when everything is right.
You choose, would you rather change the one you love
Or love the one you want to change? Hummm???


3 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. Jude you are living very emotional and amazing time with family. This poem goes far deeper than the words… I feel it! Lots of love to you all and enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!


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