Is poetry work?

all day I contemplate
my naval until the boredom
makes me just write some
I tell of my return to home
After five weeks on the road
How the tourists have invaded
Big time now that it is July
Locals are hard to find and even
Cali license plates are only one in 5
Only one face is familiar behind the counter
At my regular coffee shop but I sit
Writing anyway, sipping the coffee that
Doesn’t even taste as good as I remember
You can’t really go back, even after a month but
Nostalgia for something that never was is
Always yelling from some past that did not exist
So I pay my bill and move on, out into today
As it really is, and I find delight in the pelicans
Flying in formation, the homeless guys carrying
Their everything on their backs and the ocean rolling
Toward me portending something I still don’t know about
Reminding me that some things like change never change.

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