A Different Angle

I fell asleep last night
After I had pulled my
Closed door off the hinges
Woke with a smile on my
Face basking in light

When I was twenty-two
And married I decided from
Marching for equal rights
And protesting the Vietnam War
That everything positive was a lie
and all negatives were reality which
set me up to miss out on the Love
Machine. I opened only to the two
Small boys I quickly birthed, their soft
Skin and tender hearts confused my established
Bias, but still when Scott was only six months old
I went to the hospital to test my brain for tumors
Like the ones that killed my grandmother and I
Was sure that this was God mocking my happiness
Sure this white-haired tyrant was going to make me pay
For finding happiness and then when I came home and tried
To sort it out, I turned to that book, A Return to Love and read
It determinedly word by word with a grimace on my face but hell bent
On figuring out the truth, I’m still working on it, but sometimes like today
From a different angle, or was that angel?

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