america Sleeps Tonight

i’m thinking about wealth in the wee hours
how to spread it out and plant some future
with the seeds of innovation, love and better days
you can bet the pawns and the bishops who
guard the king and queen of american royalty
are not going to fix it in this bought and sold
election and yes i voted this time knowing
how futile the act, i believe in a power beyond
the buck, have faith in what is spiritual and
impossible to these life hating collectives

i run in old age toward what is coming
work with the young from south america
who are not yet jaded who sometimes
teach me to keep on enjoying the possibilities
that we are moving beyond this joke of a global
economy to a space where free and freedom are related
where beauty is what keeps this universe dancing
and pure greed is as laughable as a sad old miser
counting his money in a tomb that will soon hold his
decaying body and life is as powerful and full of love
as we imagine it to be riding this tidal wave of tomorrow
right here and now, this minute in the throes of today

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