Wedding Musings

Wedding Mussings

i swing through the forest of family
filing memories, speaking Spanish with
new members here from El Salvador
i am in some ways an outsider the step mother
though I try not to be wicked. my sweet wife
dances with me as i feel the bond between us
that transcends the straight world we twirl in

the priest has chastised us for being north american
divorcees, offending many in the audience speaking
for a God i wonder if he even knows or is he carried
away with thoughts of the big budget his wealthy parish
furnishes him in that will soon build him an elaborate
new home, i guess he belongs to the version that does not
embrace poverty, i try not to be angry, but unfortunately I understand
his Spanish quite well, and have lived through too much
judgmental Christianity though mine is a Protestant version
i weep for the beauty of my beloved step son and his
young wife, and yet I know that because his mother and i
have lived our life with risk and as much honesty as we
discovered in our repressed identities, I know that though
i hate the judgement of fundamental anything i will
remember dancing with my actual wife on this night after
Halloween, and i will return to California tomorrow where
i am legal and basically accepted as a full fledged spouse
of this woman of my dreams who i follow even here home and far from home

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