Full Moon Rising

i rise early
buy my grand girls
christmas gifts from
amazon when what
i miss is the real
amazon the legendary
me raised in the wonder
of Brazil a homeland lost

i read poems of Margret
Randall off her FB page
recalling that i have been
an activist i wrap make up
brushes we got free
with our face cream and i
long to walk out onto the
stage of this lost America
and cry justice kiss the face
of race no cream can charm

i see kyakers out the fourteen
story window of the condo where
we labor for our bread and bed
love the ocean setting long for
the freedom of a small life lived
large how i drove to Mexico one
year and danced with Rogoberta
Menchu and sold art made by
Latin American Indians my brothers
and sister killed on their own land
for greed and i long to walk those
paths again and speak the language
of passion into the greed of too many dollars.

I’m planning a new social enterprise you see
it talks to me gently in the night while I sleep
sometimes cries, NOW at me when i walk
the beach, reverberates in thoughts as
i take classes and connect with the young
of Latino America, so watch out Amazon
cause the real amazon is rising taking
up the bed of her discontent and leaping
for joy at the challenge of yet another
jump off the cliff of comfort into the arms
of free falling love i’ve got a misson y’all
and it ain’t gonna be silent or purty it’s
got a one breasted focus on the dreams
of tomorrow, with the bow pulled taught
right this minute the target is no bull’s
eye it’s the longings of a thousand generations
crying freedom and waiting to be born from the
womb of all that we are and have and love to give