Just A Thought

the romance of money is an interesting plague
comes creeping into the thought pretending
to be life
like a viral video demanding attention
stealing joy seeking anyone who is
vulnerable, chasing rainbows through
clouds of soul killing hours given for
the exchange of some nothing but
without the green what a mean world
we dream the man pushing a grocery
cart with so much in it the wheels can’t
turn his home his life in a basket
hollywood the resting place for so
many drug crazed down and outers
the billboards approaching Vagas
say that one in five children are hungry
doesen’t vagas mean empty places
i chase jobs and a life too like a penny
from heaven or a bad penny the illussion
is such a good movie we collectively
offer human sacrifices on its altar
i think the projector needs to be broken
the real needs to come from a different director
like maybe most of us agree, but don’t
imagine another way, I quote Isaiah 55
“Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.
Just a thought.


Of April Fools and Moves and Tunes

yesterday Easter Passover tomorrow
Sam who is 6 affirms that today is all we got
leaving our California family for our almost
unlearned Maine family the Colorado sons
and grands standing between anchoring us
to West though our bodies travel East

shall i search for some place of rock solid
om in this in between of shyster movers
not enough money and hoping for jobs at
the end of the 3600 mile road putting
a new business on hold we press forward
believing we are blessed and loved hoping
we are not fools Peter stepping out of the
boat to walk on water not quite sure we can

is reality spiritual or is it the bottom
line espoused by a world wanting us to be
the new slaves of money hungry corporations
or are we actually divine lights of a different
color songs with new tunes without ned for
rhymes and trite quotes of dead ancestors
is there any reason to think that we are not
afraid is there death or resurrection life
after life or is walking dead our best hope for salvation

I’m asking not telling here between the worlds
between the directions waiting to make it home.