It’s News

i start the day with
prayer because
the sound of government
prostituting itself with big
business is a chant that steals my
peace here splattered
like blood on the pages of our psyches

yes i’m glad that Bernie’s
running, though jaded i am by
too many votes and campaigns
for great people who lost
because they are not part of
political power or now have
been co-opted in order to get in

so i listen deep like trying to
hear the language of wind amazed
that there is metaphysical reality
i draw near to Love clean my daily
wounds with this salve of knowing
we are graced children
of something so amazing none of us wants
to let go of the infantile way we have
of seeing so little in a vast universe

listening changes me which is why
I’m careful about my open rib cage
so i keep my eyes
ears closed mega-mind open and free