Religious Talk Me and My Mother

hunger lives in us i think
my mother says there
is a vacuum inside only
God can fill, yesterday
we reverted to a discussion
of my inevitable visit to hell
at death because i have not said
the right words to assure my place in heaven

today i review a life-time of spirituality
unaknowledged by my missionary parents still
i love sitting early and hearing angel messages
come like light bulbs though the early morning mists
can there really be a hell other than what i have
created for myself sometimes, does evil
ride down hard and powerful on life, is it real or the ultimate lie
though my mother feels if I could say it is true i could be saved
believing as she does that not opening to the idea of evil as
a super power condemns me to an eternity of burning flesh
how like my athiests friends who cannot believe in God this
seems to me. But she is 90 next month so I will try to avoid
this subject with her cook every night for my parents enjoy
their old beauty and hear their stories all embraced as just One and somehow mine.

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