Love In This Day

seems like some plague from Egypt
our sweet sam swallowed a quarter
had surgery, still in the hospital
his sweet face haunting his
grandmothers here in Maine
too many miles away from Califonia
sister being biopsied, Prius
wouldn’t shut off! my love
and i at each other’s throats
on Sunday, coming back now to love
slowly in the dailies, my certainty
that All is Love, shakey, my
sweet 91 year old father a reminder
at dinner last night of how we are
sustained by the divine infinite
in the proof of my parents
still with us, love hides in the
cracks between hardships and sorrows
oozing out to fill all things the noise
of fear put to sleep in the cradle of
remembering all the past loving care
i’m awake and so is Sam, the car
is running the sister waits and i
in the waiting room know that there
is only one whose name is LOVE

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