Ordination Big Business

you go to church from
before the time you
can speak you find
as you grow that
God is so much more
than they tell you
from the pulpit

born the wrong
gender though
you dream yourself up
there bringing truth
sheltering lost souls
but only a dream
females not allowed so
close to God the privilege
again reserved for males
which is your father
oldest child you want
to inherit your father´s business
you get your Masters Degree
in Spirituality still you´re
not allowed to pray aloud
they have hundred year
systems in place to keep you out

amazing grace has been
yours people have come
to your door asking for
the ways of the Universe
you have studied every wisdom
you have encountered…women
were ministers a hundred
years ago but now you
have to take eleven dollar
an hour jobs to keep food
on the table and still you
are not allowed to pray aloud in the temple of men