i sit alone not penniless
imagining our community
the universe whose citizen
i am born here now to this
time still here and viable
i hold my hands up open
and giving i take my stand
without o doubt about love
how hard she like rock and
tree sand and soft wood i burn
i crumble i build again not
human much much more a
door a praise, a wand waver
the way we are meant to be
is no miracle it is just right
light night with stars and guides
i kiss you my beloved planet
kiss you my beloved lost country
my beloved new community
my always beloved family and friends



What To Do?I hesitate, my gray hair slowing my actions.

Gloria Steinem thinks old women will rise up

i think i am an old woman who has

risen up and now wonders what to do

are we listening? have we heard answers?

are we being careful how we care?

are answers really written inside humans?

what do trees and whales know? how did

we go from global consciousness to

petty patriots partitioning off our

loves making walls to hide behind?

I hesitate, my gray hair slowing

my actions…not enough information

yet the psychic said

i wait slowed brain

open soul

not yet

Shoes that Fit

to graduate in my 
dream i must find
my shoes they have
already been bought
to match this fancy
dress i pull on not my unusual
style...white with
some lime green decorations
almost a work of art but it fits
finally today i found my shoes
put the final touches on my
story looked again into that
mirror and pressed print
now it sits numbered two sided
ready to be copied and sent
for last editing these shoes
are not comfortable, merely mine
somehow they match this
strange shiny new
outfit refit unfit retrofit 
fit fit.