Got a Bum Knee

got a bum knee

feels like the culture

of this land

unhealed deepest agony

an  unexplained injury

who knew there was this much

torn cartilage collected by those who served

this country to get their families

out of poverty who knew there

was so much pain in the inferiority of those

less educated with less opportunity le$$$$$$$$ money


did believers lose everything to the lies of the left?

whose broken body makes us limp like a lame lost soul?

am I less because of a strong belief in God? less intellectual?

am I less because of the color of my hair my skin? or

my less than beautiful body? am I less because I grew

old and still never get beyond the bills?  do I want to help

those with less because it makes me feel superior?

did a black president make us feel so much better than?

did he feel the need to be better than those of his kin? to survive us?


do i limp now the pain exposed both sides all sides lame?

will you wrap my aching knee in some balm some love salve?

will we get off our high and mighty horses and point the finger

at ourselves and wrap our sore and and bleeding knees and bow

our bodies our heads to the ground like our Muslim sisters?

can we wail our grief till our tears spill down and heal these

knees till we can dance again whole children of the same land the same soul?






are you ready?

bone tired of the pointed finger?

looking out from a whitewashed sepulchre

would we like real change, really?

the answer is REPENT

meaning according to Webster

to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one’s life

here there is not talk of someone else to blame

sin: a vitiated state of human nature in which the self is estranged from God

and if God is Love according to Christian scripture then Repentance

is turning back to Love and changing one’s life to show it.

Clawing My Way Out of this Black Hole

my grandson would remind me

there are possibilities in a black

hole, maybe a portal to far away

worlds which is very appealing

to me today, another plane where

Trump and Company are

not happening, a flight

to somewhere kind I can only

stop the weeping with deep meditation

a silence resting in the divine lover

I look carefully here in my own heart to find

the words written there

been waiting so long to hear

to hone my reading skills

away from finite to infinite

can anyone hear me calling

i’ve been giving out

answers for so long

it can’t be fathomed

that i have none, but rather need

some i’m squinting

into the light one ear plugged

the other listening

help me i can’t

want the sound of this

world any more.