mountains have taken
time for me, my ancestors
lived in Maine mountains
but i have been long in exile
from this ancestral homeland
tropics and ocean sing
more easily to me their
ever changing waves speak to
my life the solidity of rock
having risen from the center
of the earth, but now oh so cold
more foreign than Brazil where
i learned to read culture and land
but the years i trekked in alone in Colorado
lay my body down on the vastness
of some colossal boulder to listen
brought me so close to God birds
came and sat with me and when I
sang their song, trees swayed their
oneness and spoke to me in almost
audible words making me long for
home something with foundation
the om of home so strong while
there alone listening silently
to the cry of hawks as they bounced
their babies to teach them to fly
i wonder now if my green valley
has no solid ground but lives
like shangri-la hidden in the
mountains of my inner life
never distant only waiting for
it’s latest incarnation a dream
reality building on the foundation
of each footstep of this life i live

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