A Word A Beat and A Place to Call Home

in the wee hours do
you hear the messages
written to you 
on the skin of your soul?

is it time to jump from
your cultural survival plane
without a parachute certain
you will land on your feet like
that dream you had so many years ago?

is there a boy scout pretending to be 
alive like your friend's soul message
telling you to follow the rules and be
good, instead of dancing with the stars
or is the boy scout really dead and you 
have moved on to love over duty?

is love really the power you have been thinking 
comes from having money? does this divine essence
make a home for living in and an abundance
that pays the bills and brings bliss
can you really quit searching and start living?

tonight the message written on the tablet
of my heart says only one word: it stands alone beating
out the tune of the One who formed the Universe saying YES, YES, YES