OverMy Head

a creature said
to fly close to God
this bald black bird
of prey or pray i've
seen twice in that
many days just soared over my 
head as clear as the
sky but much closer

something in me jumps
up i notice everything
for some seconds the
cardinal red in the tree
his mate's orange beak
how my eyes work in ways
i don't comprehend
even my blood clotted head
fresh from a cuncussive fall
on the ice of Maine parking lots
is working beyond what we call brain

the wind is like a whisper
today not cold but last night i heard her
speaking softly
into my sleeplessness 
in the dark i am always searching for
my source aware but not concisous enough
i go deeper

my mother's ancient snore 
my sister's need of a kiss
Marty who twice has done my
taxes for free giving of her
stout amazing gifts zipping through
what would have taken so much
time for me calling back money to the account
that so drastically needs it I'm thinking:
now that is God stepping into the library
at Norway, Maine typing, sending, being divine
today She is teaching me this:
there are so many ways to love this world