Sweeter Than Honey

for James Tipton who was the first headliner of Sparrows, Colorado’s Perfomance Poetry Festival who is already sorely missed.

Even poetry has
no words for this death
your soul rising above
the 14th floor where
i sit sleepless in Denver
your spirit has always risen
beyond all borders now
drenches my sorrow bones

how you came to SPARROWS 
FIRST featured performer
suggesting that you share
the stage with Rosemerry
a younger songbird who
would become most precious to me

you brought me honey in jars and
on your tongue
you understood and could sing
what my Brazilian heart only hoped
was true
even Isabel Allende recognized
an alphabet that came straight
from your fire belly unadulterated
by your genius with words

we poets fell in love the the 
complete rotund of your bellied
body like the pied piper you
led us to our wish to open
our zippers and let the costumes
fall onto the floor
so that naked we could dance with you

that you changed everything is true
though I lost you to the mountains of Mexico
long before I was ready and we called
you back with the enticments we could muster
very briefly but my body remembers the
thrill of your own poetry trilling again on your tongue

still this is another emptiness
one that can only be filled 
with the words you left us
written on the bark of other poets'skin
not a eulogy...a prayer
tearful gratitude for the small 
pieces of your grand old being
we have tasted and become drunk
on...your delicious honey