Weird Christmas

it’s been a weird Christmas
my family of origin strange
in their stuffology my wife
alone here all our children
live in other places as far
away from this home as you
can get and still be in the
same country, migraines come
often here too much food, they
eat as recreation lacking forms
of other entertainment
like new movies, walking
beaches and the feeling that
there is money to spend for
a great night out

This morning grandmother moon
arose resplendent her arms
outstretched touched me but
my micah’s pain too deep for
touching a lover’s pain some
times too much to bare what
is this place? of ninety year
old parents, almost twin sisters
as strange as another planet
i call out to all i know that
is familiar to the divine unchanging
to tree spirits and the sound of
reality beyond these physical dreams

i look for redemption…another birthing
i have seen many, mine and have been mid-wife
for others wait patiently to see the Truth
i know in the bones of my bones hear God
where before i would have heard only silence
know vision is like a whisper of the truth
that angels flutter around here with their
soft words and bodies of light messengers
sent to this planet to heal the broken
hearted for we are the ones open to change

The Lonely Truth

i stand at my post but this time
i let go of the personal reasons
to protest and stand in the lonely
Truth the demanding one who calls
out from the depth of the bones and
knows… it’s a backbone thing really
rising up from the tailbone it
bends and sways but never breaks
just holds out no matter what comes
bashing through the world with a creative or
conventional lie, takes hold of the morning
like the dawn herself, singing praise
to life, but without one iota of compromise
there is no place to give in when it comes
to Truth, i’m not of course speaking of
all those indidvidual self-deceptions we
call truth i’m talking about Truth born
of forever of love and creation, that one
that can’t be bought or sold or held hostage
by a fistful of money somehow
breaking down the bars that have gathered us in dungeons
teaching the lame to leap and the poor to inherit the earth.

A Solstice Dance Number


Cande in the dark

what comes out at this the longest night
of the year is joy for the coming of the light
deep and serene gratitude for surviving the darkness
i light the candle of the my incrdible life love filled
with an unbending confidence that i am eternal…that
these small happenings have no form or reality see,
heritage makes this night of all nights nothing but bliss
my arms open heart beating a dance number to the One i love

We Stand and Dance




out my window
i become red orange
fire. inside apples
Uncle Tom’s Macs are red
waiting to become pie
i cannot read the chill
or the yellow leaves
but the reds become my
tongue there is
a wizard here showing me
something i cannot yet put down as a
scribe but only take into my belly like a warm
apple crisp oozing bliss into my being
ice cream topped warmth whispering
loud thoughts of autumn how
her many beauties have become me

i read today that this crimson comes only
here in this land native to my anscestors where trees have developed
fire red for protection and joy how i adore
maples and oaks and burning bushes their dance so
rooted their gifts of breath with startling beauty
unbelievable and unheralded we stand and dance

Of April Fools and Moves and Tunes

yesterday Easter Passover tomorrow
Sam who is 6 affirms that today is all we got
leaving our California family for our almost
unlearned Maine family the Colorado sons
and grands standing between anchoring us
to West though our bodies travel East

shall i search for some place of rock solid
om in this in between of shyster movers
not enough money and hoping for jobs at
the end of the 3600 mile road putting
a new business on hold we press forward
believing we are blessed and loved hoping
we are not fools Peter stepping out of the
boat to walk on water not quite sure we can

is reality spiritual or is it the bottom
line espoused by a world wanting us to be
the new slaves of money hungry corporations
or are we actually divine lights of a different
color songs with new tunes without ned for
rhymes and trite quotes of dead ancestors
is there any reason to think that we are not
afraid is there death or resurrection life
after life or is walking dead our best hope for salvation

I’m asking not telling here between the worlds
between the directions waiting to make it home.