his lips are open only the lower half of his false teeth in his dry mouth i swab it bringing back childhood memories of Jesus on the cross, I want to take his picture but my camera won’t pick up his spirit hovering soaring above his failing body hesitant to let it go he hears … Continue reading

Wearing Thin

April wears thin where she once started startling us warm she has returned cold today and still my father sleeps in and out of presence sometimes here sometimes in the next world i think sometimes people travel in that no man’s land and come back mostly that first foot cannot be retrieved the second just … Continue reading

My father sometimes more Lucid than any time in his Long life at night I sit with Him counting sheep afraid I’ll be the one here alone to Hear his last breath it’s not Death itself I fear but this Uncharted passage from One plane to another he Tells me stories of his life As … Continue reading

The Cure

my dad wants I’ll Fly Away to be sung at his funeral even as those who love him flock to his side i go to his bedside today feel the pinch of human bond know we are pulled toward each other in this salad of love oil on our wounds is being together although we … Continue reading


  mountains have taken time for me, my ancestors lived in Maine mountains but i have been long in exile from this ancestral homeland tropics and ocean sing more easily to me their ever changing waves speak to my life the solidity of rock having risen from the center of the earth, but now oh … Continue reading