How Stuck Are You?

money is the main cause of
this prison cell we find ourselves
locked away in. few people love
their contributions and even those
who do lament that the huge system
whose rough skin we are often required
to kiss, that same leviathan eats away
our joy and causes us to miss the beauty
of life, in our children, a tree, the sky
and the cry of a bird, the still small voice
inviting freedom sometimes is made to feel like
the voice of insanity, until we loose a loved one
or find ourselves unable to give another day to despair
then sometimes the get huge cutters and sever the chains
we have carried so consistently their clanging now deafening
though before we could only hear the sound of our masters saying
buy this and be happy, sell this for me and enjoy your life, climb
over the sad body of your neighbor, shoot those who don’t look like you
only now it is clear which is the voice of the loco and which is the sound of God.