Oh Martin…A Wish

i wish you were here
i saw you then standing
like a deer in the presence
of the  hunters who were
hiring guns you stood finally
for the thing that would bring
you to death, you called out to
the Wall Street war mongers not
a sound of blame on your tongue
but even the invitation to wholeness
you made, we met with sting and barb
of wasp and power, even those now cry  
with me the song of oh i wish you were here
you started where the white folks in Birmingham
would kill kids who came following you to freedom
the young still hold such hope for truth and love while
the parents hold their strong lies like guns pointing at the
messenger but Martin, we are at those same crossroads again
our children have lost hope in the materialistic horror the father
of lies has created. Our grand children can’t even touch the meager
hustle of their tired parents the bell tolls but not for us who saw and lost you
the stars are singing their symphony for you, Jesus, Gandhi and for those whose
names were never on anyone else’s tongue. you ended with a cry for an equal share of 
the power of abundance.  saying leave off the greed, come home to love you sang, see walk
this way that day you meant to lead us all the way, we’re here again waiting for liberation, your
brothers your sisters, your children and grands standing at the threshold of glory, our song is still we
shall overcome, but God, we wish as always long into this night of our discontent, that you were with us here.