Procrastination Poetry

a poem comes to the page
today performance to keep
me from revising my memoir
wash the dishes and listen
to the latest foolishness
face book and YouTube feed
the birds eat breakfast more coffee

why is prose so demanding while
poetry flows out the pores onto
the screen dancing or screaming
but coming in a loud orgasm or amen
while each word in this story i tell
of my life is stirred in the cauldron of
reliving…some things hurt the heart again
each word a toothache that cannot be extracted

but this poem rocks me like a mother
gets my juices going toward the written word
transforms my isolation into strings of rhythm
and kicks my butt back to the page where i
love to spin a yarn and tell this unbelievable
story that is my short wonderful unknown life


Solstice Canyon–#1

yesterday Henry spoke to

me when I met her for the

first time her huge trunk

charred inside creating a

large home for a homeless

creature-refugee southern

California fires becoming

legendary but he stands

with toe roots dug in

resilient brother spreading

her shade over a large

area of the trail in Solstice

Canyon where the ocean

bathes him daily in marine layer

i touch her face with mine

feel her spine and mine

re-member us here after

the fire learn how to stand

in 2009 with fire burning

the house down learn her

ways and mine find shelter

breathe the air she transforms

into life for me breathe back

my breath for her walk reluctantly

back to our car parked near

Pacific Coast Highway

want the highway but

prefer it in the woods

with this new wisdom

giving friend see the sun

going down giving life

to both of us in the woods

and in the wild suburbs of Los Angeles

we are one.