Light of the World for Maria Popova and all the lights

she speaks of Rilke and Rodin
and the letters to a young poet
that is in one of my most beloved
books passed on to me by Silvana
Cenci, my amazing sculptor friend
who used explosives to make her art
the concept of empathy she finds originated only
a century ago lies at the heart of my teaching
in the sixties from a great man and my beloved
professor J.Whitney Shea and even her
text on Freud makes me remember my
years of the study of Psychology before i
decided it was an industry of ¨thera-pee and
thera-pists¨ her name is Maria Popova introduced
to me by a beloved artist, poet and friend
that is how these magical connections settle
into my being spurring me on when the poet´s
road gets too lonely and the night seems dark
and hard i remember all my foremothers and fathers
how they persevered through broken dreams and
though they sometimes cut off their own body parts
they left a legacy like a great neon sign to point us to the
Light of the World