The Lonely Truth

i stand at my post but this time
i let go of the personal reasons
to protest and stand in the lonely
Truth the demanding one who calls
out from the depth of the bones and
knows… it’s a backbone thing really
rising up from the tailbone it
bends and sways but never breaks
just holds out no matter what comes
bashing through the world with a creative or
conventional lie, takes hold of the morning
like the dawn herself, singing praise
to life, but without one iota of compromise
there is no place to give in when it comes
to Truth, i’m not of course speaking of
all those indidvidual self-deceptions we
call truth i’m talking about Truth born
of forever of love and creation, that one
that can’t be bought or sold or held hostage
by a fistful of money somehow
breaking down the bars that have gathered us in dungeons
teaching the lame to leap and the poor to inherit the earth.