Made for Love

we sit here in the living
room seeing carnage in the
home of liberty and revolution

what brings our hearts to
murder? hate looks powerful
standing over the bodies of
so many loved ones…who hates
so much or feels no healing
don’t try to explain it as
a psychological outcome

who has heard of Lebanon
43 dead the day before but
these children and parents
are not from the u.s or europe
oh Lebanon where are your Cedars
who has cut you down?

are we orphans now left on
a dying planet without a future?
who do we call on how can we
stop bombs and guns and killing
for sure we can’t fix war with the cure of
declaring war peace is not made
from violence death you are not
ours we are a species made for love



I’m sick to death of playing
Poetry and memoir while
Children of the world are
Killed and wounded and raped

I’m sick to death of taking sides
In war there are no good sides only
Satanic interests and feeble minds
Oh Israel, Hamas and America your
Sides are aching, the children at
Your doors inside your hospitals
Killed by our weapons of mass
Destruction produced daily
In our factories they sit as demons
In our arsenals prepared to kill
We export them to fill our filthy
Coffers making coffins for our children
It’s time to cry our tears, United Nations
Of this Earth we are One People One species
Our children bleed and run together… end