should I listen to the rage against Obama
or Donald or Hillary or Bernie,
a new bra, the great multi-bajillion dollar
invention of a millenial girl-woman who is poised
to cash in on our future, one that seems less
likely by the day, or the horror of an overheated
globe, Cornell West spiritually ranting about poverty
or maybe some cute dog licking a baby

is love the licking dog or brother West?
Does my love mean i have to be kind?
Should I cut out the cuss words that
apply to Donald, am I trumped by what
i know to be true? Am i to blame for
the trouble here or is there no blame
at all and I am meant to be about my Father’s
business, and minding my own, aware that
my heart lives in the same house as my treasure
am i laying it up in heaven on earth or have i helped
create a hellish place my thinking tinged with the ignorance of our times

who is god but us collected all of us every
one of us, from bees to genes to girls and boys
what shall I fight if it is all me? how to proceed
in the greater truth of BEING, BEGIN
bathed prayer that quiet of the deepest listening,
lest i forget and like a pharisee start to beg in the street
looking out and up as if the Kingdom had not made a home in my bones

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