So I find that valentine’s day

Is a mishmash of an ancient Roman

Orgy where men sacrificed a dog and a goat

And used the skins to whip women


Roots are sometimes important

Celebrating love is unpopular but cards

And candy rack up billions for big business

Love is kind, love is patient loved never gives up


I rise early on this day jet lagged from an idyllic

Trip to Barbados, pondering this love thing

Maybe it’s right that St. Valentines were guys that

Had their heads chopped off sacrifice though unpopular

Is the stuff of love… Gift of the Magi, though I hate the

Thought of killing an innocent dog or goat our ancestors

Sometimes were more accurate in their pagan

Celebrations I take my life in hand and look over

The loving I have done see how profitable it has

Been though at times extremely costly

A human heart is not a pretty little shape

But a beating set of blobs and at times

We have assumed our emotions resided in the bowels

Like the quote I love from Moonstruck

“Love ain’t pretty.” Love makes you get out

In the dirt of life and embrace the beauty of

Blood and guts and this most amazing human trait

Divine in origin and full of grace?

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